The New Way To Build Your ‘Go-To’ Clinic With The Effective Systems And Structures That Allow It To Easily And Predictably Grow While Having A Great Life-Work Balance

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Run Your Clinic Like A Professional Sports Team And Get On The Path To A Simpler, Much More Successful ‘Go-To’ Clinic

Get Off The Hamster Wheel And Lead Your Team:

You can’t build a highly profitable clinic if you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind. Of course, you can still treat patients but our first step is to free up at least 10 hours of your time per week, within the first 2 weeks of joining the program so you are free to work “on” and actually grow your business. As a leader of your team, you need to focus on the right things that will ‘move the needle’ in your business. Work smarter not harder.

Even Up The Playing Field And Develop A World-Class Team:

Most clinic owners are trying to play 5 critical positions on the team. If you are trying to be the goalkeeper, defender, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, and striker, how can you expect to win? We’ll immediately even up the playing fields and ensure each staff member knows their position and has the right structures in place to become A-Players. If you don’t have A-Players, how do you find A-Players? How do you hire A-Players? How do you keep and develop A-Players? We’ll not only show you the exact systems we use at ProSport Physio, we’ll help you start implementing them into your business.

Simplify & Improve Your Strategy:

Just like great pro sports teams have, a simple and clear strategy that each team member understands and implements is non-negotiable for success. Most clinic owners are complicating things with no strategy in place for predictable and reliable growth. In 90 days, we’ll simplify your strategy, give you energy and a simple strategy that moves the needle in your business, and a clear ascension model that increases the lifetime value of your customers ethically.

Finally, Know If You’re Winning Or Losing With The Right Systems And Numbers:

A football team that is 1-0 down with 5 minutes to go will behave very differently to a team that is 4-0 with 5 minutes to go. You MUST know the score and the time remaining in your business at all times. A truly great sports team is based on systems, numbers, and a world-class team. It is the same in business. Most clinic owners aren’t sure how to build a system or which numbers you should be measuring. We will show you both by implementing our simple methodology, which is the success formula for taking someone from not knowing your business at all through to becoming a life-long, raving fan and repeat customer.

Attack Wins You A Good Week Or Two, Defence Earns You The Right To Grow:

Alex Ferguson once said ‘Attack wins you games, defense wins you titles’. Clinic Growth is a process, not a magic trick. Predictable, repeatable growth comes from first, building a strong foundation and strategy, then second, knowing your numbers! We will show you how to figure out what works so you are always spending your time in the right places that will ‘move the needle’ in the business in the right direction.

Real Mentorship Therapists Achieving Real Results…

Get The Accountability Needed And The Expert Coaching To Finally Implement And Achieve Your Dreams For Your Clinic

Please note this is an implementation program and not just an ‘information’ program. We get results by taking ACTION.

You will be working weekly 1 on 1, with a hand picked and experienced coach during your 1-hour implementation calls. You will also have access to your own bespoke Momentum program on Basecamp with all your templates, systems, documents, and cheat sheets that you will need to succeed.

All of our coaches are experienced therapists and clinic owners who are thoroughly trained in the Momentum frameworks and methodology. So you are actually learning from people who have achieved the results you are looking for: big growth, big impact, less stress, and truly stepping into a business owner role — not being stuck working “in” it!

Our program is customised to suit your clinic, not a generic, “cookie-cutter” approach.

It’s one-on-one, in the trenches with results guaranteed for those that qualify.

As a guide, our overall framework follows a monthly breakdown (the order may change depending on your biggest bottlenecks identified in your clinic):

Month 1

Free up your time (so you can work on the business) even if you still need to be treating patients to ensure you work smarter not harder.

Organise your staff into the critical positions that every team needs (even if there is only one or two staff) that allows you to focus on the activities that ‘move the needle in the business’.

Simplify your customer journey with a clear ascension model that ethically maximises the lifetime value of your customers (this is critical to scaling and will save you having to spend thousands of pounds/dollars/euros each month on advertising).

Clean up and target the low hanging fruit in your business so you can ‘feel the difference’ in your bottom line straight away.

Simplify and clarify your 3 year growth plan and strategy so you can take action and always be driving your business in the right direction each day, week, month and quarter.

Implement a fundamental framework that gives your staff the clarity they are craving so they know what position they play, if they are winning or losing each week and how to be successful at their role.

Implement a GPS dashboard into your business systems that will allow you to easily spot roadblocks up ahead and spend your time and energy in the areas of the business that will move the needle.

Plug in ProSport Physiotherapy’s very own fulfilment systems that make sure no patient falls through the cracks and your clinic’s reputation is protected at all times.

Month 2

Start systematising everything in your business so it increases efficiency, decreases variability and most importantly maintains the same level of high standards without you constantly having to watch over and control everything.

Identify and develop the core numbers in your clinic that will allow you to build a business machine that runs smoothly even if you are away on holidays.

Implement a hiring system that attracts A players and ensures that you only ever have A players working in your organisation that drive the business forwards for you.

Plug in an onboarding system that ensures you save time, money and effort anytime a new staff member comes on board while also turning current staff members into A players.

Develop, clarify and implement the non-negotiable ‘Head Physio’ role in your clinic that ensures your staff are spending their time on things that will actually improve their performance while also protecting the clinic’s reputation.

Analyse and gain a clear understanding of where your clinic sits in the ‘blue ocean strategy’ and what needs to happen to make it the only choice for your ideal customer.

Month 3

Continue the momentum building your clinic’s ‘business machine’ and understanding the key numbers in your business that gives you that sense of ‘calm’ and ‘control’ each week knowing that you are working on the right parts of your business to ensure it reaches its 3 year destination.

Develop the positioning systems in your business that will clearly differentiate you from your competitors to your ideal customers and make you the only choice in your town.

Identify the right price you can confidently sell your services that strengthens your positioning further and will ensure your ideal target customers don’t blink when they hear your prices.

Put the word of mouth and referral systems in place that turn past customers into ‘walking marketing soldiers’ for your clinic.

Reactivate past patients each week to increase your clinic’s patient numbers and revenue by implementing a fundamental business system into your clinic that keeps you top of mind and increases the lifetime value of your customers ethically.

Drive more traffic, leads and customers to your business.

Fix your existing sales systems.

Confidently start growing and build big momentum knowing you have full control of the business with your clinic’s machine dashboard and you are heading in the correct direction to reach your 3 year goal.

Remember, our goal is to build a strong, sustainable foundation for you to achieve MASSIVE long-term growth in your clinic, not some short term ‘marketing hack’ that works for a few weeks.

What’s the key to success in the Momentum 90-Day Program? Follow the proven step by step process!

How Is This Program Different To Other Business Growth Programs?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Start Now?

Yes! Momentum is a business fundamentals program. We start by ensuring your foundation is solid and your strategy is scalable. If you wait 3 months to complete your current projects or whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever that might be, in our experience, all that does is put you 3 months behind you achieving your vision and getting to your clinic to where you want it to be. The 1-1 coaching ensures accountability and will help you implement.

What If I Am A Solo Practitioner?

We’ve had mentorship therapists go through this program who were seeing 20 patients a week to their clinics seeing 120 patients. We’ve helped them put the systems in place and hire A team players effortlessly and onboard them to ensure they hit the ground running. The Momentum program is a bespoke experience for you so you and your coach will work on specific systems, and solutions that are needed to overcome the biggest bottlenecks in your business.

I Don’t Think I Need Momentum, I Need Your Top Level Growth Program, Can I Do This Instead?

This is a common misconception and mistake that ProSport Physiotherapy made for many years working with various business coaches. Without the ‘Clinic Dashboards’, ‘Business Systems’, ‘Fulfilment Systems’ and ‘Positioning Systems’ in place, you really are just spending time, money, effort and resources on marketing and hoping for the best. The Momentum program is critical to set your business up for long term success so you can grow in an easy and predictable way.

What’s The Difference Between Momentum And Mentorship Mastery?

Mentorship mastery focuses on clinical skills and improving your ability to get results with patients. It is focused at a therapist level to improve the ‘quality of the service the therapist provides in the session’. Momentum is focused on putting the systems in place to ensure your fulfillment is delivering a world class experience with both pre session, in-session and post session. Momentum focuses on the business systems needed to protect your clinics reputation while Mastery just focuses the clinic skills.

What Results Will I Achieve?

Our goal in the Momentum Program is to get your business in a business where it is set up to double your income while removing you from the day to day running of the business. We aim to get you there inside the program, but it may take an additional few months, depending on where your business and revenue is when you start.

We do have a money-back guarantee on the program. Your Mentorship Growth Advisor will be able to walk you through the details of this on your Growth Session call.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are a number of payment options for the program, and your Growth Advisor will walk you through all the options on your Growth Session call.

All of our payment options are backed by a Positive Return on Investment Guarantee. So your investment is 100% protected.

What Happens Once I Apply?

The application process is simple. Simply complete the application form below and then schedule your 30-min Private Practice Growth Session call with one of our Growth Advisors.

On your Growth Session call, if we are a good fit for each other, we will walk you through our exact methodologies and what you can expect in the program, plus the investment options.

From that call, you can start straight away.

What’s Next?

If you can answer YES to the following, then we would love you to apply for the 90-Day Momentum Program.
My clinic revenue is at least £50,000 per year.

I want to build a machine that is not reliant on me being stuck “running” the business.

I want to create a sustainable, scalable, machine-like business set up for the long-term and still be able to just treat patients if I choose.

I want to learn how to become a true business owner (not just working 60+ hours a week treating patients).

The Application Includes A Private Practice Growth Session With A Growth Advisor (30 Mins)

On the private practice growth session:
We will discuss your clinic and key bottlenecks holding you back.

We will walk you through the 3 Core Methodologies of Momentum and how we would implement them into your business.

At the end of the call, if we’re a good fit for each other, we will walk you through exactly what is included in the program, the investment and the money-back guarantee.

This is a no-obligation call, packed with VALUE. But we do ask that if you are not serious about growing your business with improved strategies and systems, then please don’t apply.

Our program is for serious mentorship business owners only.

If you are ready to take your business (and yourself) to the next level, with more time-freedom, more money, and more growth than ever, then Apply right now for the Momentum Program and learn from coaches and advisors who have already done what you’re looking to achieve.

Success leaves clues… and we have the proven methodology to help you achieve your goals.

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