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What Can The Therapist Mentorship Do For You…

I support you in building confidence and clarity in having a COMPLETE SYSTEM from the subjective assessment that flows right through the treatment and rehab/return to play exercises so you can go about getting the long lasting results you and your patients desire…

Who Am I?

  • Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Masters Degree in Strength and Conditioning
  • Work In High Performance Environment Day In Day Out
  • Private Practice Including Chronic Pain Cases
  • England Rugby League Physiotherapist

From: Dave O'Sullivan

Dear Healthcare Professional,

Before I tell you what the “Therapist Mentorship” actually is, first….

Let Me Tell You What It ISN’T.

With all of the latest research emerging, most Healthcare professionals accept we must head in a different direction to what we were taught in University if we are to be successful in the new day and age helping our patients.

So, what you won’t find on this course is outdated strategies for helping athletes or non-sporting athletes return to their specific sports or environments.

These days, most healthcare professionals are aware that attempting to perform non-meaningful approaches such as 'vmo retraining', 'glute isolation activations' and 'knee over second toe' approaches are limited in their transfer to function… let alone trying to get your athlete or patient to actually do these exercises that have no carry over or meaning to their chosen sport or life… and many agree that time and effort is now better spent doing something much more effective – like recognising the person in front of you and acknowledging the influence of the various systems in the body such as the immune system, the neurological system and the respiratory systems INTERACTION WITH the musculoskeletal system.

The days of looking at muscles and the site of pain in isolation are dying...

And while there are many Healthcare professional and online courses that simply “re-hash” what other people teach, what makes this course so wildly different is that I make sure this stuff has worked for me consistently in the Professional Sporting Setting with Valuable, Elite Athletes FIRST, and then I pass it on to you. I then ensure that this approach is sustainable for the athlete and NOT simply a distraction to the nervous system bringing about 'temporary' or 'short term' changes. 

I risk MY OWN time and MY OWN reputation to make sure these things work before they get to you. And, as you read every word of this letter, what you will discover is this:

The Therapist Mentorship Is About Giving You The Confidence To Treat THE PERSON In Front Of You, Design A Specific And Successful Treatment / Rehabilitation Plan To Ensure That Person Thrives When They Return To Their Sporting Or Non-Sporting Environment Plus Ensuring You Get The Recognition You Deserve By Growing A Solid Business...

This is the 4th time I’ve released this 'Therapist Mentorship' program. Each time previously, it has sold out completely.

The reason it does sell out every time?

Because what you will find here is, quite simply, the ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT SYSTEMS that’ll let you take advantage of the way we are hardwired to bring about long lasting and great outcomes for your patients.

If you want long lasting results for your 'athletes' or 'private practice patients' – this program will do that for you.

And, for many Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, Strength Rehab Coaches, Chiropractors, Sports Massage Therapists And Neuromuscular Therapists  who are already using the "ProSport Academy Systems', that new way of looking at the person and treating their specific stressors successfully has already become a reality.

In fact, here’s what some of my previous “Mentorship” students have said about how this Mentorship program has helped them, and why it’s so different from all the others: 

"Everything you learn, you can directly apply in the clinic that day" - Tommy Brennan, Private Practice, Dublin, Ireland

"When you break it down Dave, it just makes so much sense and I just don't know why we haven't been taught it this way before." - Louise Holland, Private Practice, Melbourne, Australia

"It's giving me a lot of confidence aswell because of the system, just going back and following the system every time" Adam Rowlands, Head Physiotherapist, Leigh Centurions, United Kingdom

"It has enhanced my assessment skills, my hands on treatment techniques and my rehab and exercise prescription techniques that I give to my patients" LeeVan Santos, Physiotherapist, Wellington Hurricanes & Tonga Rugby Union, Wellington, New Zealand


“A patient was going to the European weight lifting championship. Met a slight blip just over 2 weeks ago, a slight blip in that he couldn't lift his arm any more. He could flex to 80 degrees pain free and abduction left him in severe pain. Normally in this situation considering the time scale I think I would have panicked but after settling my nervous system and his along with some dermomyofascial work and some isometrics he made great progress. Today at the competition he made all 6 of his lifts and set 2 personal bests. Without doing your work I know that I would not have got him to the competition especially not in that good of condition. Reaffirms for me why I get up every morning and watch your videos every day. Thanks for everything so far”

– Neil Burke, Physical Therapist, Ireland

“Fantastic Dave, the effort and the amount of work you must have put in to this mentorship is first class! Seriously don't know where you have found the time. Can't speak highly enough of you as a therapist or the mentorship. Thanks again 👍💪 ”

– Stephen Kenny, Physiotherapist, United Kingdom

So, it's clear that Healthcare professionals like you want the latest evidence based information from the MANY sectors of research looking at the human brain and body refined into a practically applicable and friendly SYSTEM for helping every patient restore control of their body and live pain free - and not just for next week, but for the duration.

"R.I.P To Worrying About A Weak Muscle Or Joint Fixation”

And, while I agree that things like muscles and joints USED to be the sole focus of our assessment and treatment...

...those times are now dying if not already dead!

Make no mistake - in the new era of research, it’s all about restoring the ability The Interaction Of The Various Systems Of The Human Brain And Body so that your patient can thrive with confidence when you discharge them, and your confidence sky high that this patient will do very well and be a raving fan of yours, happy to tell their family and friends about your way of treating the body, that’ll let you prosper even if you do not have years upon years of experience.

So What Is This Whole 'Treating The Body As One System' Concept?...

Well, here it is:

If we look at the various reactions of the body to physical or mental stress or the body gearing towards 'fight or flight' we can notice that the heart, the lungs, the diaphragm, the musculoskeletal system, and even our thoughts tend to lose variability.

In studies such as Verkuil et al (2016), Harper et al (2013) and Bergin et al revealed that irrespective of the system, organ or muscle that they studied - the interaction of stress and pain with the human body tends to react very very similar - DESPITE the stressor been physical or emotional.

Those studies are shockingly common among various sectors of the research about the human body - and also explains why so many people may present with similar findings YET one intervention may work well for one but not the other...

But the question to ask is NOT, “why is the intervention not working for one”…

…it’s quite simply, this:

“What is the true stressor of the person to cause the REACTION of the musculoskeletal, neurological and respiratory systems (to name a few) to react like this?”

Because... they’re STILL in pain – and they have a problem that you can solve. So the critical question for you to answer, is this:

“What is this PERSON'S INDIVIDUAL STRESSOR and how can I go about helping them restore control of their autonomic nervous system to give the musculoskeletal system the best chance of functioning well?

Because when you can answer THAT question, your clinical reasoning, your clinic's and patient outcome success is all but guaranteed!

Lets look at this more closely:

If you are looking a typical back pain patient and trying to help them get their 'transverse abdominis to fire quicker'…

…but looking at the body as a whole and the research that shows the diaphragm may lose its ability to lengthen due to actual or anticipatory stressors

Essentially, if the diaphragm is losing its ability to lengthen due to the individuals stressors “the transverse abdominis will simply be reacting to this and of course the timing will be delayed” - due to the inability of the ribcage to depress...

If you’re looking at this from a pain science point of view – the person has now changed their movement behaviour,  they hold their breath when they move, they are fearful (again anticipatory stressors) - is it possible that if we educate the patient, reassure the patient and restore the ability of the diaphragm to lengthen the transverse abdominis 'timing' may resolve itself?…

…you just have to take a step back and consider the REACTIONS rather than dive straight in and get tunnel vision!

And remember, these ‘studies’ are only highlighting the REACTIONS also…


Well, thats why my love of what I do reignited when I started looking at the body this way...

Because every case is different, every treatment approach is different and every end stage rehab program is different and specific to that person!

No more 3 sets of 10 glute activation exercises...

No more VMO or Scapula 'Setting' mundane exercises...

No more 'pull your belly button in' exercises...

You get to enjoy working with PEOPLE again and not muscles!

You get to see a person grow in confidence and help them get hope back into their life...

And what about this 'alternative' approach for sports injuries?

I have used this way of looking at the body during the last 4 years and really refined my approach year on year.

And how have elite athletes responded to this way of treatment?...

When that athlete can return to their sport quicker and easier with thoughtless, fearless movement – it’s easy to get the buy in!

Now don't get me wrong here, I still address the musculoskeletal system and attempt to influence it...

I still do my hands on treatment techniques, rehabilitation techniques and end stage rehab techniques BUT I now work smarter and not harder!

"I just don't put the musculoskeletal system on a pedestal and deem it more important than other systems of the body"

I like to call this approach “DOING THE BASICS EXTRAORDINARY” - and try not to sound smarter than I am with bold claims of what is and isn't happening to the body...

Wouldn’t you agree that if you are doing something or trying to do something a different way, it should make sense to YOU AND THE PATIENT?

If you can get the patient to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it AND it is specific and meaningful to them...

then from my experience your chances of success are a LOT higher if you are focusing on the person... than the muscle, bone, structure, whatever it is you tend to bias that everyone else is obsessed with...

If this maybe resonates with you and you wondered why some patients respond to one technique but not another then please read on.

Here’s the thing:

“I’ve Spent 10 Years Developing And Perfecting The ProSport Academy System WITH REAL PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES On A Daily Basis To Ensure Sustained Results And Made It So Simple That You DO NOT Need To Have Any 'Pre Defined' 'Rules' Or 'Protocols' But Simply A Common Sense Systematic Progression From The Subjective Assessment To The Final Return To Play Session”

This is YOUR opportunity – and this is where you need to FOCUS on if you want your clinic reasoning skills and enjoyment in work to SOAR like it could.

This also explains why so clinicians just end up going through the motions and ultimately the patient outcomes suffer...

To spell it out, the primary reason your intervention may not have worked for you until now is simply because you’ve not managed to help that patient reassure their nervous system that there is no 'threat' or 'stressor' present to their system at this time IRRESPECTIVE of what that scan showed...

And that’s why if you switch your focus to decreasing the perceived threats (both actual and anticipatory) -your chances of success increase dramatically.

Imagine getting a persons 'glutes' to engage or their 'transverse abdominis' to fire without needing to do one isolation exercise or having to go through the mundane and quite frankly 'boring' routine day and day again…

What would your own confidence, job satisfaction and financial situation look like if you are happy in your job, getting great results and have the confidence to help and get successful outcomes with the majority of your patients?...

Would your future look like?...

If the answer is “promising, unlimited, better or along those lines...”, then all that’s left for you to do is find a proven Method for treating the person and not the scan or musculoskeletal system exclusively:

Introducing: The “ProSport Academy Therapist Mentorship”

The ProSport Academy Therapist Mentorship Program has already helped over a hundred healthcare professionals from physiotherapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, neuromuscular therapists, sports massage therapists and strength and rehab coaches grow in confidence, refine their assessment and treatment approaches and follow a common sense and systematic progression in dealing with clinical cases that they would have shied from previously…


Clinicians from Professional Sports Clubs like Munster Rugby, Connacht Rugby, Leeds Rhinos, Yorkshire Carnegie, Halifax RLFC, Huddersfield Giants RLFC, Canada Soccer, Hurricanes Super 15's Rugby are now using this approach in professional sport and getting great results – and that’s because they’ve followed The Prosport Academy Approach and set themselves up to focus on that athlete's specific needs rather than just the muscle or joint.

 Richard Hunwicks

Dave has a proven track record in professional sport in managing elite athletes and a medical department, excelling at the highest level in both codes of club rugby

Richard Hunwicks Head of Performance, Rugby Football League.

'You’re Even Going To Get Strategies How To Help Anxiety, Stress And Depression'


I speak to and help GREAT HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS like you on a daily basis, and I know that you’re frustrated at not having a clear concise assessment approach no mater what the clinical presentation… having patients pain return by the time they put their shoes back on… by not having the knowledge or experience designing rehabilitation plans that are systematically progressed specifically to that person… athletes 'breaking down again'... athletes or patients no adhering to their exercise prescription plan… and all this made INEVITABLE by having gone right through "Physio School" without ever covering the most important skill of all – Interacting with the human body AND MIND with pain present.

But the good news is this: as the research continues to show the interaction of all these systems reacting similarly, it’s levelled the playing field for a new type of graduate or relatively inexperienced healthcare professional - with aspirations of been a “ProSport Physio” or "Private Practice Owner"- eager to do what ever it takes to help their patients, get that great feeling of satisfaction and fully able to prosper independently without worrying about spending years upon years of treating the same way and hoping 'something changes and sticks'.

The question is…

“How do YOU get to that point?”

The answer is simple…. by MASTERING the basic science and skill of understanding human behaviour directly implementing this information and strategies to your practice.

And it’s for that reason – to give more clinicians that very opportunity - why I created the “ProSport Academy Therapist Mentorship” program. It is also the same reason why so manyhealthcare professionals working in Pro Sport, Private Practice and in the National Healthcare Systems have already invested in this New way of looking at the body.

Next, let me tell you what The ProSport Academy Mentorship Program is… and give you an opportunity to join the next Live Event class…

Amit Pannu

If you get the opportunity to work with Dave, grab it with both hands!

Amit Pannu Club Doctor, Blackburn Rovers

So What Is The Therapist Mentorship?...

Quite simply, ‘The ProSport Academy Therapist Mentorship” is the Ultimate Healthcare Professional Continuing Professional Development course and is one of the most powerful experiences that you and your healthcare aspirations will ever have.

It’s a LIFETIME ACCESS course that is taught over 90 days that has 6 key components:

1. Weekly Practical Lessons

The core part of this Ultimate Healthcare Clinician program is a 90 day, in depth Video and Webinar Seminar program. Each of the Video Seminars is packed with PRACTICAL strategies to take your clinical skills to the next level.

On your weekly Video Seminars, you will experience dozens of leading edge strategies and applied examples to help you become confident in dealing with any condition, design a laser targeted treatment and rehabilitation plan that will impact your patients positively in taking back control of their bodies, allowing you to receive satisfaction and recognition you deserve.

From acute sports injuries to complex persistent pain cases, - and much more, this is your complete guide to Healthcare Professional success.

The 90 days are packed with powerful information that you can use immediately to increase your clinical excellence, attract more patients and grow your business or reputation– whatever your business - In ProSport or Private Practice - and whatever its size.

You can access the live Seminars from the comfort of your home or office, on your computer, laptop or mobile. You’ll also get full access to the seminar recordings.

2. 1-1 Coaching 

This program is not just about me delivering powerful information to you to help you grow your clinical reasoning, confidence and results. I also want to offer you personal, ongoing support, accountability and Coaching.

During our 90 days together, you will receive 1-1 coaching through the material by myself and my most trusted therapists to help you IMPLEMENT this content in the REAL WORLD FAST so you can get REAL WORLD RESULTS!

You'll also have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Facebook community where you’ll get the chance to ask me questions about any tricky patients and your development on our exclusive online private community forum.

If a question comes up for you between the video seminars, post your ­question on the forum and I will personally answer it. This personalized support is an important part of the program (nobody else has this type of personal ­access to me.) Just as importantly, you get to interact and support everyone else on the Program.

3. Expert  'Guest' Monthly Webinars

You will also get a monthly webinar from a expert in a particular area of research or clinical practice. This is a rare opportunity that you can hear from a expert in their field. I give these a strict remit to only deliver information that we can apply tomorrow morning with our patients. As part of this Ultimate Healthcare Professional Continuing Professional Development program you will get to hear world class speakers such as these below every single month...


The Mentorship Is Strictly By Application Only… 

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An Opportunity To Learn From Some Of The Leading Authorities In Their Fields Every Single Month Such As These Past Speakers…

Frans Bosch
Frans spoke to the mentorship group about building robustness for athletes during the strength and conditioning month. Frans went into extraordinary detail into understanding the interaction of the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system to help us design effective rehabilitation programs.
Tim Gabbett
Tim delivered a trilogy of lectures for the mentorship group on understanding how to easily monitor training load in the clinical setting, giving some simple and effective strategies that can be used easily without the need for expensive software or equipment. This trilogy was a great mix of evidence based research and applied practical advice.
Carla Stecco
Carla gave a fascinating lecture into the anatomy of the neck and head, giving the mentorship group an insight into the various layers and tissues around the neck and head. This allowed the students to visualise and gain an appreciation of the multiple tissues that we may be influencing with our treatment and rehabilitation strategies.
Antonio Stecco
Antonio spoke to the mentorship group about the physiology of fascia and its importance for the whole body to function well. Antonio also answered our questions and dispelled some common misconceptions about fascia and in particular ‘adhesions’.
Greg Lehman
Greg covered ‘The Point Of Pain Sciences’ and proved a very popular lecture with the group. It contained numerous nuggets of information that the group could implement the very next day. Greg also discussed some misconceptions and answered our questions on his own personal approach.
Todd Hargrove
Todd spoke to the group about the role of the sensory and motor cortical maps and the role that these play in relation to both manual therapy and rehabilitation techniques. Todd provided a fascinating lecture that cleared up some misconceptions about what is really happening when we work with patients.
Robert Frost
Robert gave an incredible talk on the role of manual muscle testing as an opportunity to assess the motor output of particular movement patterns. Robert demonstrated some simple tests and how the nervous system may find short term solutions to problems it encounters but at a cost to longer term movement options.
Lois Laynee
Lois gave a fascinating lecture on the importance of breathing and how to assess for autonomic distress. Lois also showed some very simple approaches that can be utilised and integrated effortlessly into your treatment approach instantly to bring about positive changes in the autonomic nervous system.
Tsutomu Ben Fukui
Ben provided a fascinating mix of both theory and practical content covering the rules of skin movement. Ben took us through his innovative research into skin motion during joint movements and demonstrated how easily we can influence the nervous system via the skin.
Diane Jacobs
Diane’s lecture provided an exceptional insight into some of the mechanisms of pain interpretation and the ability of the manual therapist to use this knowledge to bring about favourable outcomes for their patients. Diane also showed us her approach in how she explains pain to patients.
Barry Solan

Dave is a very forward thinking physiotherapist who I have sent many athletes to for his help and expertise. His ability to allow athletes to train around injuries and integrate their rehab into their strength and conditioning programs is second to none. I would highly recommend Dave’s work

Barry Solan Strength & Conditioning Coach, Arsenal FC

“My aim with the mentorship is to make your life easier in the clinical setting. I do this by giving you exposure to skills that I believe are beneficial to enjoy a successful career working in Professional Sport or Private Practice  along with an opportunity to learn from a variety of clinicians and researchers, teaching you how I integrate their approaches into my own clinical approach in the real world so that you can achieve your own goals, no matter what these may be…”

The Mentorship Is Strictly By Application Only… 

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Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Master On The ProSport Academy Mentorship...

The ProSport Academy Mentorship gets down to practical clinical strategies so quickly that you will want to block out extra space in your schedule immediately after our first webinar together so that you can make these simple, but big changes to your clinical approach.

There’s something on this course for every type of healthcare professional – Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist – and in reality, because of the confidence, results and changes in peoples lives you will make, it will not cost you a single penny to take this 12 Month Therapist Mentorship.

Here’s a sample of what you will discover:

  • Ways To Integrate Pain Science Into The Sporting And Private Clinical Settings That Will Work For You
  • Subjective And Objective Assessments That Consider Physiology, Neurology AND The Musculoskeletal System
  • Manual Therapy Treatment Tutorials To Help Your Interaction With Your Patient And Their Nervous System To Bring About Long Lasting Changes
  • Rehabilitation Techniques Bespoke To The Person In Front Of You That Follows A Concise Step By Step Progression
  • Strength and Conditioning Techniques To Progress Your Rehabilitation Plan Accordingly To Make Sure Your Patient Can Tolerate The Demands Of Life
  • Monthly Guest Lecturer Via Webinar On A Variety Of Topics From Researchers To Coaches Aimed Solely To Compliment Your Clinical Practice
  • Private Members Website & Facebook Group Duscussions
  • Access To Me Personally Throughout The 12 Months For Advice, Support And Direction
  • Access To My Personal Patient Educational Videos And Exercise Library I Send To My Patients
  • Case Studies Showing How I Apply The Information And Research To Help My Own Patients In The Real World
Aled Walters

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dave at Munster Rugby where he was the Senior Team’s physiotherapist. He stands out as one of the best practitioners I’ve worked with, due to his innovational techniques, knowledge of strength and conditioning principles, and expertise in the treatment and rehabilitation of players.

Aled Walters Head Of Strength And Conditioning, Munster Rugby

The “Therapist Mentorship Program”
Is For You, If You Are:

  • A clinician that wants support and mentoring to accelerate their clinical reasoning skills and results
  • A clinician that wants to be part of a 'no-ego' easy to understand and implement community interesting in understanding the human body and brain better without making wild claims
  • A person that would like someone in their corner to help them 'miss something' with a patient to have a second opinion or bounce ideas off
  • A therapist that wants a system that works for them and gives them a framework for treatment of every client.
  • A therapist looking for long lasting results
  • A therapist looking for help when patients don't respond to treatments
  • A Clinician that wants to make sense of all the different information gained through the subjective and objective history and where to start
  • Confidence in treating any condition which walks into the 'physio' room
  • Would like to imrpove knowledge of how to influence the bodies own maintenance symstems to facilitate healing and recovery
  • Would like to imorove the ability to influence the psychosocial aspects of treatment
  • Learn how to take an athlete in pain and get them back to the field or play or their environment with a systematic and progressive manner in the most efficient way possible
  • How to communicate efficiently and effectively with patients
  • And so much more...

What Do Our Current Attendees Think About The Mentorship?

Here Is An Example Of My Work IN THE REAL WORLD...

What Do More Of Your Colleagues Think About The Mentorship?

“Upon completion of the mentorship, you will receive a certificate of completion and have lifetime access to the content including new content and lectures added in the future. Learning is a lifetime thing and we don’t believe in limiting your learning opportunities to just 3 months…”

Get The Recognition You Deserve For All Your Hard Work And Commitment...

The Mentorship Is Strictly By Application Only… 

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