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The 11 Essential Steps To A Successful Discharge With Even The Most Complex Patient That Allows You To Become The ‘Go-To’ Therapist

"Discover the structured step-by-step system that world-class therapists use with absolute confidence to treat even the most trickiest patients."

In This Guide, You'll Discover

  • A way to find the TRUE CAUSE of the problem and how to link the subjective assessment with the assessment using the 'stressor and story method'
  • How to make complete sense of the objective assessment so you have complete clarity on WHERE YOU NEED TO START in the first session to get the best results quickly and safely
  • A simple way to integrate and link the hands on treatment with the lower and higher level rehab seamlessly so the patients SYMPTOMS DOES NOT RETURN AGAIN again a few hours or days later
  • The ONE THING you must do before you allow your patient to return running or to higher level activities so you don’t undo weeks of work in just 5 minutes

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