Lower Limb High End Rehab & Return To Play 2 Day Practical Workshop

Is Your Lack Of Confidence & Clarity In Prescribing High End Rehab Exercises The Missing Link In You Becoming That 'Go-To' Therapist?

“How To Go From Having Those Frustrating Feelings of Indecisiveness and Uncertainty When Deciding If Your Patient Is Ready To Progress - To Having A Simple, STRUCTURED Step By Step Progressive System In Place From Sessions 1 to 6 For Any Patient In Private Practice - Tested And Proven By Pro Sport Physios - In Just 2 Days”



  • Friday/Saturday, 6/7th July
  • The Performance Lab, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, Ireland
  • 10am-6pm
  • 9am-5pm
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Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018
Huddersfield, 14/15th April, 2018
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018
Dear Healthcare Professional,

It’s sad but true…

After speaking to more than 500 therapists 1-1 and mentoring more than 150 pro sport and private practice therapists worldwide, there is a common essential piece in our skill set that was neglected in our training…

And this neglect has actually caused therapists to hold patients back longer than needed…

Has caused therapists to lose confidence in themselves and question if they are even on the right track…

Has caused therapists to lack clarity and question where they should be going next with the patient..

Has caused therapists to feel uncertain about whether they are being aggressive enough or may TOO AGGRESSIVE with their rehab…

Has caused indecisiveness for therapists when really getting the patient to ‘buy-in to’ the rehab plan in the first plan...

Which has then resulted in frustration at the patient not being compliant with their rehab exercises...

“What Is This Missing Skill Set?”

Before I tell you about the missing skill…

...let me tell you about my story with this missing skill set and how it had MASSIVE CONSEQUENCES FOR ME…

You see, I was a new graduate fresh out of University and thought I had ‘made it’ when I landed a job with Leeds Rhinos Rugby League team…

And after my first two hours in the job, WOW, how underprepared did I feel for REAL LIFE PEOPLE AND ATHLETES…

To make it even worse, my first injury to rehabilitation was a ankle syndesmosis which, I don’t mind admitting now, did not even remember learning about in University…

And so I had to figure this stuff out pretty quickly…

Now luckily, I had the support of a great mentor who kept me on the straight and narrow who stopped me from making SOME big mistakes early doors…

But you see, I still made quite a few back then…

And it is the worst feeling in the world, that lonely frustrating uncertainty NOT knowing if an athlete is truly ready to progress or even return to training.

And the consequences of MISTAKES WERE HUGE in my world…

And so I tried to be extra diligent in leaving no stone unturned with the usual practices of:

  • Getting the athlete’s really strong and focused more on movements in the gym
  • Really putting good eccentric loading through the sites of injury
  • Strengthening the ‘glute’ muscles till I couldn’t say “squeeze your glutes” one more time
  • Made sure the injured area was testing within 95% of the other side with your usual isokinetic testing and other return to play objective markers


ANDY STILL, EVEN AFTER ALL THAT, I still had players ‘breaking down again’...


So I had to figure out pretty QUICKLY a more RESULTS DRIVEN yet simple step by step method that would allow me to sleep easy at night, not lying awake worrying if the patient would come in sore tomorrow or had a setback overnight…

And in complete transparency, it took me another 5 years to really figure all this stuff out…

Including a few more fu*k ups along the way...

But luckily, I came out the other side a better clinician for my mistakes (I hope anyways 😉 and really HAD TO develop my own return to play blueprint…

“What Is The Return To Play Blueprint That I'll Be Walking You Through Step By Step On The 2 Day Course?”

The return to play blueprint I had to develop came after going on numerous courses, online courses and becoming increasingly frustrated with short term gains where athletes would be ok leaving and then come back the next day and pain would have returned...

So what I had to do was bring it right back to understanding physiology yet still keeping things really simple…

And so, the Return To Play Blueprint was born…

...a common sense 6 step process that can be used with any injury on any body part yet looking at the person as a whole.

This return to play system takes into account the evidence based science for movement and performance, evidence in pain science and evidence in biomechanics among many other areas...

...while also respecting pathology but most importantly focuses on the person in front of you and making their rehab program bespoke to their needs and their story.

“What Can The Return To Play Blueprint Do For Your “Go-To Therapist” Status?”

The Return To Play system has become invaluable for my confidence and clarity with every injury…

Infact, I used the EXACT SAME SYSTEM throughout the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia…

And it gave me the confidence to make decisions without second guessing myself or hoping that the patient would be ok…

And here’s exactly what you will be able to do after this 2 day practical workshop:

  • Prescribe the most suitable and effective exercises throughout the healing process
  • Learn WHEN and HOW to be aggressive with your rehab and when to back off
  • Quickly develop a simple framework that allows you to progress easily from simple acute exercises to high end rehab using a simple logical process
  • Learn how to communicate on the patient’s level to ensure the utmost compliance with your program
  • Keep your patient/athlete ‘hooked in’ with being easily able to progress or regress every single session so there is no stagnation EVER
  • Understand when to prescribe certain exercises at certain times of the rehab process to ensure the injury does not return again
  • Gain the knowledge to ensure you never skip steps again with a patient/athlete
  • Master the fundamentals of movement so you can stop worrying about ‘not knowing enough exercises’ but rather have complete clarity on how each movement builds into the next for the perfect graded exposure specific to that patient and their needs
  • Get your athletes back quickly and safely so you can consolidate your reputation as the ‘go-to’ therapist
  • How to use the Return To Play Blueprint to become super confident with your prognosis and communicating to patients and coaches when they will return to training or play.

“Who Is This Kind Of Approach Not For?”

Now, before we go any further, I want to address whom this course is NOT FOR…

If you are comfortable just looking at the site of pain, giving the area a rub and then some strengthening exercises only for the pain to continue to return week after week, then I don’t think this course will be for you…

“Who Is This Course For?”

This course IS for Private Practice/Sports/Outpatient therapists/rehab coaches who want to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER and appreciate the whole body and person…

Because in this course, I will show you why just getting someone strong is not good enough in high level sport (and everyday life in my opinion)...

...but rather we have to appreciate what the evidence is telling us about motor adaptations to pain and how the body responds (which we will see numerous examples of on the course).

And so, this course is for the clinician that wants to develop a way at looking at the body as a whole and appreciating the importance of motor coordination and the relationship between the brain and the peripheral tissues…

And wants to learn practical ways to help the person be resilient in meaningful movements for their environment and situation such as the ability to decelerate their body weight in more than one plane.

And it is also for the clinician who will see how sometimes we can get a false sense of security by return to play objective markers and how these figures may not ALWAYS tell the full story…

And how we in fact may need to be spending more time, effort and attention on a different part of the body, that contributed to the problem in the first place…

And finally the clinician that wants to learn how to take their patient/athlete and discharge them with the highest level of confidence in themselves and moving with ‘thoughtless, fearless, movement’.



  • How To Achieve The Outcome The Patient Needs To Be Robust And Resilient (Presentation)
  • How To Identify EXACTLY What That Outcome Is (Practical)
  • Building A Solid Foundation - Essentials During Acute Phase / Session 1 (In Private Practice) Sagittal Plane (Practical)
  • Restoring Intent At Greater Loads - Essentials Progressions Before Higher Loading / Session 2 Sagittal Plane (Practical)
  • Restoring Deceleration Capabilities - Sagittal Plane Session 3 (Practical)
  • Building Resilience In The Gym - Critical Concepts To Maintain Gains From Rehab (Practical)
  • Question & Answers


  • Recap Of Day 1 / Questions
  • Identifying The Critical Steps Involved In A Successful Graded Exposure To Change Of Direction (Presentation)
  • Building A Solid Foundation - Essentials During Acute Phase / Session 1 (In Private Practice) Frontal & Transverse Planes (Practical)
  • Restoring Intent At Greater Loads - Essentials Progressions Before Higher Loading / Session 2 Frontal/Transverse Plane (Practical)
  • Restoring Deceleration Capabilities - Change Of Direction Session 3 (Practical)
  • Restoring Acceleration & Top End Speed Capabilities Of The Athlete Session 4 (Practical)
  • Case Studies / Q & A
  • Course End

*2 Week Follow Up Online Coaching Call To Trouble-Shoot / Reflect / Refine Further With Our Team

“You’ll Discover You The EXACT Return To Play System I Used In The 2017 Rugby League World Cup That Gave Me Confidence And Clarity In Every Return To Training Decision Made Throughout The Tournament - Including In The World Cup Final Week - Where Some Tough Decisions Needed To Be Made...”

You see, we can read all the literature in the world but the reality of professional sport (and life) is that things are not always linear…

And this is why I will ensure you can apply the evidence in a practical manner that will help you too with those tough decisions that we need to make on a daily basis.

In fact, it was this exact system that allowed me the confidence to still keep players on track for their estimated return to play times EVEN WHEN they had setbacks during the return to play stages…

And I will show you EXACTLY HOW TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION, WHERE TO GO NEXT and how to ensure that it does not happen again.

Reserve your space here:

Click Here To Get That Structured Return To Play System
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018

Just £397 To Finally Have The Clarity On How To Progress Your Patients Effortlessly!

“You’ll Also Get My Exact PDF Templates That I Use On A Daily Basis To Ensure You Never Skip A Step”

I want to give you everything needed to ensure a safe and smooth return to play / discharge for every patient...

...this is why as an added bonus I’ll also be including my exact return to play tempo running progressions.

You’ll discover exactly how I structure each session and when an athlete should be hitting what speeds and at which session and what they need to be able to do before they return to their sport.

This is also the exact same running progressions I use with amateur athletes and runners in my own private practice…

“I Don’t Want This To Be Another Course That Sounds Good On Paper But You Can’t Apply On Monday Morning - Which Is Why I’m Also Giving You A FREE 30 Minute Bonus Online Coaching Call With My Team So We Can Troubleshoot Any Obstacles You Bump Into So You Can Get Great Results Every Single Day”

If you know anything about me by now, you’ll know I’m obsessed with using a common sense approach that can be applied in the real world to get great results, helping you become the ‘go-to’ therapist.

And this course will be no different which is why my team and I will be blocking off our diaries for a set period so we can answer any of your questions you may have after the course but most importantly help you implement the content to get great results fast.

This is what differentiates the ProSport Academy from any other course, we are OBSESSED with IMPLEMENTING IN THE REAL WORLD with REAL PEOPLE.

Click here to secure your place now:

Click Here To Get That Structured Return To Play System
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018

Just £397 To Finally Have The Clarity On How To Progress Your Patients Effortlessly!

“Still Not Sure?” - Then Read This:

Many of the therapists who have taken my mentorship have experienced phenomenal results. That is because they have acquired the skill of thinking logically in a common sense manner and they have worked with me and learned how to apply this in the real world.

Successful patient outcomes from here on in is a choice.

You can accept being battered by various pieces of conflicting evidence and advise, getting overwhelmed at where to even start with a patient, push-back from patients who “don’t have time to do their exercises” or left frustrated by patients who always want to be discharged the second the pain disappears - or you can do something about it.

I know some therapists have heard “It was great for a day or so but then the pain came back” or “It was fine till I upped the pace and then it just tightened up again” from patients so many times that they just think that is normal and have almost given up hope that anything can be done about it.

I’ve spent years figuring out how to put all the pieces of information out there into a structured working model – I had to. There is MASSIVE CONSEQUENCES for out fu%k ups in pro sport and I can’t get away with ‘hoping’ an athlete is ok to return to running or training.

That means I’ve had to go through all the self-doubt, worry, every challenge to find the quickest yet safest way back for athletes so that they can not only return to training and games quicker than ever before - but also perform to the highest level when they are back.

Now I want to share it all with you…

The great news is that return to play and higher level performance rehab is easier than most therapists think and it all starts with having that structured step by step logical progressive pathway in place – that structure IS THE THING THAT ALLOWS confidence and clarity in where to go next every single time with a patient – and if this is what you are after too, then this event is perfect for you and you can confidently enroll now.

I’ll see you in Huddersfield in April or Ireland in July.

Dave O’Sullivan



  • Friday/Saturday, 6/7th July
  • The Performance Lab, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, Ireland
  • 10am-6pm
  • 9am-5pm
Click Here To Get That Structured Return To Play System
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018
Huddersfield, 14/15th April, 2018
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018

How Has This System Helped Your Colleagues On A Day To Day Basis?

P.S Here’s a quick summary:

What is it?

The Return To Play Blueprint is a unique and exclusive 2-day practical workshop where I’ll give you everything you need to deal with even the most complex cases with the utmost confidence and clarity using a step by step progressive structure. The entire two days is focused on the essential strategies to implement in the real world with real people using a tested and proven system that is used throughout the world in pro sport and private practice right now – perfect for healthcare professionals in private practice and sport.

When is it?

7-8th April, 2018 in Huddersfield, UK and 6-7th July in Tyrone, Ireland from 9.30am each day.

Where is it?

The Events takes place in Huddersfield at my own personal clinic in April and The Performance Lab in Tyrone. You will be sent full venue details and discounted room booking link after you confirm your place.

Who is it for?

If you are a therapist working in private practice – or you work with sporting athletes on a daily basis – then this is a must attend event for you. It’s for new grads and experienced therapists who want more structure and clarity with their high performance rehab. It’s for you if you want a step by step progressive and regressive pathway that can be used in both private practice and pro sport.

How much is it?

The price for this event is £397 including the PDF templates and 30 minute follow up coaching call.

What is the Guarantee? If by the end of Day 1 you are not convinced that this system is going to help you in your practice, we will give you a full refund - no questions asked.

Do not hesitate on this. Missing the event would be a costly mistake. Moreover, while I have sent you this exclusive invitation, I cannot keep your space reserved indefinitely, so please choose your ticket option below - and reserve your space immediately.



  • Friday/Saturday, 6/7th July
  • The Performance Lab, Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, Ireland
  • 10am-6pm
  • 9am-5pm
Click Here To Get That Structured Return To Play System
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018
Huddersfield, 14/15th April, 2018
Cookstown, Co.Tyrone, 6/7th July, 2018

About Dave O'Sullivan

Dave O'Sullivan is the current England Rugby League Physiotherapist and holds a masters degree in Strength and Conditioning. Dave qualified from the University of Huddersfield in 2008 and went on to go straight in the professional sport setting as a rehabilitation specialist with Leeds Carnegie and Leeds Rhinos.

Dave went on to specialise with the Leeds Rhinos and in 2010 was promoted as the Lead Physiotherapist at the club. In 2011 Dave joined Munster Rugby Union as lead physiotherapist at the Limerick Centre. In 2013, Dave returned to Huddersfield, taking up the role of Head of Medical at Huddersfield Giants and enjoyed unprecedented success in 2013 and won the League Leaders Shield and been recognised as the most consistent team in the Super League. This was the clubs first silverware in 81 years and the Giants were recognised as having the best injury prevention rates in Super League for the three years Dave was heading up the medical team with only 1 post season surgery in 2015.

In 2016, Dave stepped out of the full time Professional sport setting for the first time in 8 years as his two daughters Ava May and Ruby Rae began to get older. Dave continues to consult and coach professional sport healthcare professionals in numerous clubs around the world as well as private practice and national healthcare service clinicians. Dave teaches these healthcare professionals how to implement the systems he put in place in the professional sporting setting and make applicable to the individual clinicians working environment.

In 2017, Dave was recruited by the RFL to lead the Physiotherapy department for the Men's England Senior Rugby League Team for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup which ended in narrow defeat to Australia in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane in December 2017.

Dave also treats professional athletes from all walks of sports and non-sporting athletes at his private practice, ProSport Physiotherapy and is now focusing on growing his clinic and accomplishing his mission of making it one of the best Sports Injury Clinics in the world.

Dave has enjoyed many great sporting moments and memories while 'working' and is now looking forwards to helping other healthcare clinicians experience  their own moments and memories.