The Essential Toolkit For A New Grad Sports Physio


The 1st ever episode of the New Grad Sports Physio Podcast discusses the modern day new graduate sports physio and the challenges that they face working in both private practice and amateur or professional sport. Dave O’Sullivan and Alex Morrell dissect the many facets required to thrive as a sports physio in both sport and private practice.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn on this Episode:

  • What are the major challenges a new grad faces working in sport or private practice?
  • How to build authority with your athletes or patients
  • Ways to build a strong relationship with your coach and deliver news on injuries or return to play times
  • How to structure your pre-training workload and who to prioritise for treatment.
  • How to find your own unique way of doing things that resonates with you for ultimate success.
  • The key points to ensure your athlete or patient returns to their sport safely and quickly.

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