We help private practice therapists gain the confidence and clarity to deal with any patient that comes through your door so you can go from the best kept secret to the most relevant choice in your town.


To help therapists all over the world build confidence and clarity so they can make meaningful impacts on their patients lives.


Our mission is to give therapists the confidence and clarity to make sense of their patients symptoms, achieve long lasting meaningful results and become the ‘go-to’ therapist .


The way healthcare professionals are looking at the body is outdated. We believe every therapist should look at the person first and foremost.

To create confidence and clarity within therapists to look at the whole body and make sense of the patients symptoms.

To create long lasting changes in symptoms and meaningful impact for every patient they come in contact with.

To get on the path to achieving their full potential.


We believe you should see the person first, pain second. 

We believe you should strive to find the true stressors to the patient’s symptoms and not be content just treating the reactions. 

We believe every rehabilitation program should be a graded exposure to the things that makes that person enjoy life. 

We believe that every patient is systematically progressed from the first moment they walk through the door to the moment they are discharged. 

We believe every therapist should have energy and passion and enjoy every single day in their job. 

We believe every therapist should have the ‘know how’ to achieve the goals that they want for their patients.


Over the course of our 90-day program, we help private practice and pro sport therapists accelerate their confidence and clarity in finding the patient's true stressor and design a step by step program specific to that patient's needs so they can make meaningful impacts on their patient's lives. It is this confidence and clarity combined with the IMPACT that you make with your results that allows you become the 'go-to' therapist in your area.

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Discover What Happened When These Therapists Had Enough Of Feeling Overwhelmed With Some Patients And Not Really Knowing If There Patients Were Safe To Return To Higher Level Activities...

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Dave Ferguson

Discover how Dave Ferguson went from a new graduate therapist to a head professional sports physio within 3 years.

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Derek Stenson

Learn how Derek Stenson, a physical therapist in Ireland who had some confidence in his objective and diagnosis skills - And knew a lot of rehab exercises but just did not know how to tie it all together. Derek now has a complete step by step system that gives him confidence every time he discharges a patient.

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Colin Gordon

Meet Colin Gordon, a sports therapist who more than doubled his patient caseload and now has the confidence to charge what he’s worth in Edinburgh in just 12 months.

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Darren Finnegan Darren Finnegan

"The results have been phenomenal in regards to thinking that little bit differently when challenging the body in a more systematic way"

Will Inglis Will Inglis

"It’s a total different approach and everything is really informative, in detail and makes you start thinking about Physio in a complete different way"

Melvin Thancanamootoo Melvin Thancanamootoo

"The main thing for me is that I can go back and watch videos any time i needed help and the Facebook Page where you can ask questions and get help from others"

Ger Gallagher Ger Gallagher

"People don’t need to come back now. The rehab is working for them so they don’t need to come back as often which they are a lot more happier with"

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