Hands on Techniques

Mentorship Mastery Videos
Soft Tissue Massage Technique For The Quads / Knee Pain
Hands on techniques for the obliques
Hamstring Attachment +/- Pelvic Floor Desensitisation Techniques
Hands on technique for anterior abdominals
Restoring shoulder external rotation – Pec major attachment intersection with long head of biceps
Advanced Hands on Technique For The Hamstrings
Hamstring Desensitisation Techniques For Clearing Single Leg Bridge Test With Plantarflexion Before Getting To Standing
Upper Intercostals Treatment Options
Adductor Desensitisation Techniques
Key performance indicator test for subscapularis and hands on technique on how to treat
Hands on Technique for the Popliteus
Hands on techniques for Glute Max
Medial hamstrings desensitisation