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Everyone needs a good mentor. We provide you with trusted clinicians and coaches that have worked in the professional sporting environment and will share their mistakes and successes with you, so you can learn from them and excel.


If you want to get proficient in a certain area, we have you covered. This information however won't be for those looking for the theory, these webinars are practical based advice and teaching you in order to prepare you to deliver this information to real life athletes the very next day.


The sporting environment is a tough environment to survive. It is a high pressure environment with consequences to yours and your colleagues every action. The ProSport Academy appreciates this and trains you or your clubs staff members to excel in a high pressure, high performance, results driven environment using our tried and tested methods.

Welcome to The Pro Sport Academy!

Promoting practical excellence in the sporting environment to help you fulfil your potential

The Possibilities For Your Career In Sport Are Endless:

With The ProSport Academy guidance, we can help you achieve your dream job with the best training of how to succeed in the sporting environment, be it amateur or professional, achieve your potential and become indispensable to your organisation and athletes.

  • Learn From Our Successes And What Actually Works In The Real World

  • Learn From Our Mistakes So You Don't Make Them Either

  • Learn How To Deal With A Diverse Range Of Real Athletes And Become An Authority, Succeeding In Your Role

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Our Signature CPD Online Program

The ProSport Academy ‘High Performance Program’ bridges the gap between Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning Coaches

  • Watch The 6 Week Program Been Coached In Real Time To A Real Athlete

  • Learn The Clinical Reasoning Behind Every Exercise Choice

  • Receive Follow-Up Support To Implement This Program Or Aspects Of This Program With Your Athletes

  • Implement With Athletes Who Have Hit A Plateau In The Gym Or Consistently Picking Up Silly Niggles And Strains

  • Use All Aspects Of This Program At Various Stages Of Long Term Injuries To Work Towards Rehabilitating More Than Just The Site Of The Injury

The Most Comprehensive Program And Follow Up Support For Therapists & Strength and Conditioning Coaches

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Better Breathing For Athletes - FREE Webinar

Learn 7 simple tricks to improve your athletes breathing ability and performance. Improve their gluteal, hamstring, pelvic floor and abdominal function instantly.